Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mole People

This book is basically about a women who infiltrated the undground homeless scene in order to try and better understand the circumtances of them living there and to just see what their lives were like and the communities they built down there. 

I thought this book was a semi-interesting read. It didn't really strike me as having much to do with this class, but I did like the parts that were written kind of like a novel would be. There were some suspenseful moments and that's probably what i'm going to remember most about it, as well as, the last chapter were some emotion comes into play. Overall it was a decent read and I guess you could apply it to computer science by seeing that she kind of put herself into the shoes of the homeless and we should do that with our users.


Patrick said...

Oh how I longed to read this book but the bookstore was out.

J Z said...

Nice conclusion. =)
I can just imagine someone explaining about how to perform user studies years from now, "Let me tell you a story about a women that put herself in the shoes of the homeless."

John said...

What a disappointing read it sounds like!